Tips on Selecting the Appropriately Sized Area Rug

Determining what size of area rug is appropriate for the rooms in your home can be confusing and frustrating. In general, there are some basic rules for correctly sizing an area rug in a space. Aside from arriving on the decision of pattern and colors, selecting the right size of rug for your space is critical for the rug to both look great and to function.

  • Dining Rooms

    For example, a dining room calls for an area rug that is approximately eighteen to twenty four inches from the edges of the table. This allows the chairs to be pulled out comfortably from the edge of the table and to stay on the rug. Although all situations can be different, the rule of thumb in a dining room is at least an 8×10 for a rectangular table and at least an 8’ round for a smaller round table.


  • Living Rooms

    In a living room space, with a sectional or sofa and two chairs with a cocktail table, you will also want at least an 8×10. This allows at least the front legs of the sofa and the chairs to be on the rug. If you room allows, the bigger the better with area rugs. Sizing up to a 9×12 or even a 10×14, will always give the room a grander appearance. This is particularly true if you have high ceilings. It is important to balance the volume of the room with a large area rug. A 5×8 size or 6×9 size is generally reserved for smaller rooms with low ceilings, and wall to wall carpet. In this instance, the rug is simply to visually ground the sofa and add some protection to the carpet.

  • Bedrooms

    Bedrooms depend on the size of the bed and the organization of the room. With a queen or kind bed, an 8×10 or larger works well if you desire to have a portion of the rug on the sides of the bed. In this scenario, you would want to run the rug perpendicular to the bed. Another option is to use either a 5×8 or a 6×9 and bury approximately a third of the rug under the foot of the bed and have a portion of the rug at the foot of the bed. Some choose to place a bench at the foot of the bed. The rug would also be perpendicular to the bed in this set up. Augusto Fine Rugs is your premier Area Rugs Boise source for information on sizing and area rug information.

    If you have a king or twin bed, simply size up from the examples, although the design layout could be the same.

    Finally an alternative option is to add runners or texture throw rugs, such as a sheepskin rug, on both sides of the bed if you do not want to purchase a larger rug that will be mostly covered by the bed.